Thursday, August 21, 2008

Makan Spot Hunter! versi Ikan Bakar Istana

Pernah dengar tak "Ikan Bakar Jalan Istana"? Those place is the famous venue in KL if you want to find Ikan Bakar. People say the taste is just like the one you can find at the seafood restaurant at Umbai, and many more famous places for ikan bakar.

Me, Faizals (referred as Nayan and Wahid respectively) went to Ikan Bakar Jalan Istana to have our lunch there. It was my first time. The location is just behind Istana Negara. If you do not know where is Istana Negara, the best way is just take cab and the cab driver know where is Ikan Bakar Jalan Istana. For us, it takes only 10 minutes from my office. Dekat je…

There are about 3 different restaurants that able to serves you Ikan Bakar. Each of the restaurants has different quality and different style of cooking. Which one is the best? I can't say so at this point of time, because this is my first time. Hehe… However, the second restaurant seems famous which had been covered by several newspaper, magazine and even TV3 programme called "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan".

I tried their ikan kembong bakar and some ulam. Baru nampak sikit kehijaun di atas nasi. The pricing is slightly expensive la. It cost me about RM8.50 for such a simple dishes. My Senior tried the ikan pari, 2 sotong bakar, and it cost him RM20.50. Mahal kan..? The main reason given by the owners is that they are using grade A seafood (ikan, udang, sotong, kerang) which collected from Port Klang every morning. Among the seafood available is Ikan Pari, Ikan Terubuk, Ikan Kembong, Ikan Cencaru, Sotong besar, Udang Besar and Kerang. I can say that the fish is fresh, as well as the sotong. The rest I haven’t try yet. I will let you guys know k? =) Overall, I think the ikan bakar is great. 4/5 rating. Not bad huh..

So if you don't know where to go for lunch or dinner today, just drop by at Ikan Bakar Jalan Istana to try it by yourself. For those who planning to have ikan bakar during ramadhan, the restaurant will start the operation from 3pm until 8pm.

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