Saturday, August 16, 2008

The fresh and humble beginning...

I would like to welcome you to my page and myself in this bloggin world. Let me introduce myself a lil bit. As you can see from the blog's title, singularsong is not my name, thats for sure. I am just another creature of the Almighty Allah SWT, was borned in 1983, to be specific 11th of July. My hometown is JB, but currently workin in KL, to be specific Damansara. Status... single.

It is such an honour for me to share my views and experiences on what is happenin around us.

Why singularsong? Musicians have always educated people through music, you know even though now a days a lot of music just talk about sex, women, and drugs. Music I think should be teaching and talking to people about important things in life. To live in love is to live in life, and to live in life is to live in love. As for me, singularsong represents me. My status and my passion into music.

Why am i bloggin? I am unable to make any distinction between the feeling I get from life and the way I translate that feelin into the words. It is just so natural that my fingers can hit the buttons on this keyboard to reflect the pictures and stories hanging inside my tiny brain. There as so many things to share as we, human I not a perfect creation. We need each other to complete each other.

I would appreciate if all of you can appreciate my writing. You are always welcome to put your comments, in a positive manner. May Allah bless you.

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