Friday, August 22, 2008

Living a Single Life

How do you feel about being single? Do you feel you can’t be happy without a relationship? Do you feel that everything would be just fine if you could find that one special person? Do you feel lonely? Does being single make you think negative thoughts about yourself?

There are a lot of people out there that are single and feel depressed carrying the title. Ada juga suara2 sumbang yang tidak sayangkan lidah dan anak tekaknya melabelkan mereka yang masih single di usia lebih suku abad sebagai ‘bujang terlajak’. You better insured your mouth ya… Its not funny.

I would like to state that I am not “anti-relationship” and I believe people who know me will definitely deny the statement. Or even worse, they will reveal the real me in front of other people. Hey, relax la… Tolong la cover kawan sikit. Ehehe.. For me, I feel the reason that I’ve been single for quarter a decade is that so I can learn lessons and gain experience and pass on the knowledge to others. Sounds poyo? I memang simply say, but at least it still sounds quite cool aite? Hehe…

I do not dispute the fact that there are many advantages for being in a relationship or marriage. Carrying the title husband and wife, or mummy and daddy will definitely makes the title holder feel proud. Tentu sekali tidak dapat dinafikan ganjaran di sisi Tuhan tatkala mereka dapat beribadah bersama, membina keluarga bersama, seterus nya melahirkan zuriat untuk kesinambungan imbangan alam.

However, some of us are just not able to find that special someone, no matter what we do. Berusaha, mencuba, menggatal (tentu sekali apabila smpai peringkat tekanan dah memuncak) telah dilakukan daripada asalnya hobi, hinggalah ke tahap serius. In the end, the feelings of loneliness or emptiness and personal fears about being single make us conclude singleness as a much bigger problem than it really is. Come on, please throw that feeling away!
Ok, we need to change! Ya, living a single life is cool and enjoying. But let us start by taking these several steps:

Accept the reality of being single, LOSER! Ekeke… =) But never give up! Just move on!
Make friends with people. Guys with pretty girls, girls with pretty guys. Easy, just be friendly, trust me.
Do not allow yourself to have the sadness about being single. I’m single, so wat?
Do not continue to let your singleness take its physical, emotional, or spiritual .
Have faith in better times to come. Just say, future will be better. Be optimist in your thinking.

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