Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jom 'Pool'ing During Office Hour!

Lets pooling during office hour! FYI, most of the Accounting Firms around the world are in their leisure time, so called “off-peak”. However, this is not the case for the seniors. So, let the associates (like me) enjoy it before the offer expired. Hihi~

There is one snooker centre located nearby our office. I mean very near. The distance is just a throw stone length from our main lobby.

Ok, lets talk about the pool game. We (my friends and I) play for the 8-ball game. 8-ball (also called “Hi-Low” or “Stripes and Solids”) is the most popular pool game, chief pursuit of 30 million American players and millions more in Europe and Asia, arguably the single most played table sport in the world.

8-ball leagues nationwide host millions of players, and giant open tournaments take on thousands or tens of thousands of entrants for a single event. (I just read from the internet since I have nothing in my head except for pool game now).

The rules are simple, the game colorful. Bust the rack with an open break, choose solid or stripes, and fire away, pocketing the 8-ball last for the win.

The outer simplicity of 8-ball, however, belies its sublime strategy. Top 8-ball demands more creative thinking than a rotation game such as 9-balls, plus cleverer shot sequencing with precise control of the cue ball, too.

However, be very careful when you shooting your ball. If you accidently pocketing the black ball, you will be automically lose! Always happen to me.

Let me name some of the best player that we have here in my Firm. GFS and Svs people are always competing each other. If I were to pick the names, I think Faizal Nordin will represent GFS, Sa’oud will represent Svs.

But I tell you guys, this game realy suck my wallet like crazy. Morale of the story, off peak will suck your pocket off. Serious~

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